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OsDate Customization

Reckon Excel offers the osDate templates collection that resembles our empirical analysis that shows the strong positive relationship between cross functionality and professional team innovation for your business.

Nowadays, in most futuristic business environment, the website needs cross-functional usability and functionality that becomes an import pre-requisite in terms of business development, traffic generation, right audience approach, systematic and cultural knowledge, and best practices encourage the love birds come to your website.

Our osDate templates are based on the social interaction to enhance the love and affection for the people by the people and enhance the network in systematic way. Moreover, these great osDate websites with guide will provide you a complete osDate installation procedure, module installations with featured enabled solutions, osDate upgrades and of course 24/7 hours assistance from our help desk.

Seamless looks & feel integration :

  • The size, the background image, the colors and fonts,
  • The rounded corners, margins and paddings
  • Where the video chat opens: in a pop up or in line

Audio & video chat for your community :

  • Support for private messages
  • Direct access to one or more profile members
  • Public and private video chat in the one to one, one to many and many to many relationships.
  • Develop multiple public and private rooms in the osDate website
  • Rich text chat with emote icons.
  • The functionality like File transfer, image sharing and YouTube videos

For osDate web site users :

  • Send request other users
  • obstruct other users
  • IM other users
  • Send files and images to users
  • Send files and images to rooms
  • Publish their webcam and microphone
  • The audio/video streams of other users
  • construct their own public and private rooms
  • Gaze at YouTube movies directly in the chat
  • Text chat with other users in public or private rooms
  • Communicate with emote icons and formatted text
  • Open up other users profiles in a new browser window

For osDate web site owner :

  • Can alter the language
  • Edit the banned words list
  • Bound, disable or hide most of the features
  • Customize the design/looks/ via external CSS files
  • Customize the audio and video quality, resolution and fps
  • Customize just about everything there is to configure